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The Wobbler extended video excerpt

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The latest installment of youtube videos from the Subjects and Complements recording sessions: LORAC.  This excerpt starts with the opening of the piece and plays up to the start of the solo section (which, on the CD, features John Daversa

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Excerpts from Subjects and Complements

I’ve posted a video of excerpts of four tracks from the upcoming Subjects and Complements CD. I’m still looking for the best way to release this music, so as of now the best I can say is that I hope

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Fugue in E

A video from the recording session for my upcoming CD, “Dectet”, which should be available late 2012.  Check out the wonderful solos by Alan Ferber and Leonard Thompson.  The rest of the band includes Bob Sheppard, Phil O’Connor, Ben Wendel,

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Symphony Mvt. II MIDI realization


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