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Compound thematic structure in CeeLo Green’s “Only You”

I heard this newer song by CeeLo Green the other day and thought, here’s a perfect example of compound thematic/phrase structure. I’m talking about the chorus, which begins around 0:47 in the video here: Caplin (see Classical Form by William

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Rhythmic diminution in Taylor Swift’s “Trouble”

It isn’t often that one can look to top-40 pop music for a clear cut example of rhythmic motive diminution, but this is exactly what happens in the song “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. Here’s a link

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Webern Op. 9, no. 2

Considering that the Second Viennese School of Composers was arguably the most influential individual school of compositional thought in the 20th century, and that the movement consisted of only three composers, one might reasonably expect that the entire small oeuvre

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Act II, Scene 3, Largo, from Berg’s Wozzeck: Analysis

The Largo of Act II, Scene 3, is the central scene of the central act of Berg’s Wozzeck. It is during this scene that Wozzeck confronts Marie about her affair with the Drum Major, the image of the knife is

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